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Who Are We?

Quantum Integrations (Qi) is your place to connect with others who are on the road to complete health and wellness. Whether you want to offer your support or if you are in need, there is something here for you.

Wide Range of Support Resources

Unique & Simple Approach

Experienced & Friendly Team

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Our Community

We have created several community groups where you can share your insights and connect with other like-minded people.  Please check out a few of our featured groups below. 

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Qi Community

Connect with other members, get updates, and share videos.

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Qi Events

Join this group to get the latest Event Updates.

Qi Communion

Would you like to pray for others or would you like someone to support you vial prayer? If so, this group is for you.

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Meet Our Founders

Qi was developed because some of the admin at Quantum Healing Systems recognized a need when working with QHS products. Meet them below.


Qi Founder

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Christine helps people through compassionate communication.


Qi Founder

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Laura assists through quantum witnessing and graphic design.

Founder One

Founder thres

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Who is founder?

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Mission Statement

Who are we?

Video Mission

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Our Mission is...

Please enjoy our video, which is made with love by...

How Wellness Changes Our Lives

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Helps you sleep better

When you are well, your body naturally relaxes and rejuvenates according to your body's innate wisdom. A good night's sleep becomes a normal and expected part of life.

Decreases anxiety & depression

Wellness isn't just about a healthy body; it includes healthy and balanced emotions, feelings, and a peaceful mind. When your body is happy, your mind is happy.  When your mind is happy, you are coherent with your heart.

Reduces stress levels 

When your body, mind, and spirit are in balance and optimally working together to achieve and maintain wellness, you have the tools to easily manage stress; then you move from a state of overwhelm into a state of inspiration.

Improves attention & concentration

Clearer thinking is a natural benefit of wellness. When the mind and heart are coherent, and when the body is not overwhelmed with surviving, thinking processes are supported in becoming creative rather than reactionary. 

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"Quantum physics is the physics of possibilities. And not just material possibilities, but also possibilities of meaning, of feeling, and of intuiting. You choose everything you experience from these possibilities, so quantum physics is a way of understanding your life as one long series of choices that are in themselves the ultimate acts of creativity.” 

Amit Goswami

Members Stay Connected !

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Red Carpet Interview
Almond Blossom


Our goal at Qi is to have weekly video meetings and to also create in-person social gatherings, events, and conferences.

Eventually, we would also like to create dedicated, real-world communities to support Qi member and their families as they reclaim wellness and adapt to their new Quantum Lifestyles.

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